No attempt is made herein to discuss Masonry, but a few thoughts are offered to direct the mind of the young Mason to the application of the York Rite to his everyday life. The York Rite is not like some fanciful story or whimsical poem which is enjoyed only at intervals, but it is stable and will bear the closest acquaintance, meaning far more with closer association and deeper study. With the hope that they may encourage Royal Arch Masons to study the deeper meaning of Masonry, these lines are written by the Grand High Priest of Texas.

Sam J. Helm
Past Grand High Priest of the Grand Royal Arch Chapter of Texas, 1924

This material "was written by. . .Very Excellent. . .Sam J. Helm [while serving as] Grand High Priest in 1924, and was given wide circulation during his administration. These sentiments expressed are just as true today as they were in 1924, for they are Eternal Truths. It [has been] circulated through the cooperation of the York Rite Grand Bodies of Texas in the hope that it may 'point the way' to the path that leads to the Light at the top of the mountain that is Freemasonry."