San Antonio Chapter No. 381

ADOPTED - 3/1/93
As ordered corrected by the Grand Chapter in its 1993 convocation.

Of The Chapter and Its Convocations
Of Officers and Elections
Of Degrees, Candidates and Membership
Of Fees and Dues
Of Suspension and Expulsion
Of General Provisions
Of Amendments of Bylaws

Of The Chapter and Its Convocations

SECTION 1. This Chapter shall be styled, "San Antonio Chapter No. 381, Royal Arch Masons," under the jurisdiction of the Grand Royal Arch Chapter of Texas.

SECTION 2. The Stated Convocations of this Chapter shall be held in the Scottish Rite Cathedral, Avenue E. and Fourth Street, San Antonio, Texas, on the first Wednesday of June, September, December, and March; at 7:00 pm at which time petitions for degrees or membership shall be received, all reports of committees on such petitions shall take place, and the usual business of the Chapter transacted

SECTION 3. Called Convocations may be held when deemed necessary by the High Priest, or in his absence by the Excellent King or Excellent Scribe, successively, at which no other business shall be transacted except that for which the call was made. top

Of Officers and Elections

SECTION 1. The officers of this chapter shall be those specified in the laws of the Grand Royal Arch Chapter of Texas for subordinate chapters, and none other.

SECTION 2. The Most Excellent High Priest, Excellent King, Excellent Scribe, Treasurer and Secretary shall be elected by ballot at the last Stated Convocation preceding June 24 of each year, and shall be installed on the 24th of June, or as soon as practicable, and prior to the 1st day of August. A majority of all votes cast shall be necessary to elect these officers; all other officers shall be appointed by the Most Excellent High Priest-elect.

SECTION 3. It shall be the duty of the Most Excellent High Priest, as presiding officer, to maintain order, to decide all questions of Masonic law or usage pertaining to Royal Arch Masonry, to see that all the officers of the Chapter faithfully perform their respective duties, and that the Constitution, Resolutions and Edicts of the Grand Chapter and the By-Laws, Rules and Regulations of this Chapter are strictly enforced and obeyed, fill vacancies in the offices of the Chapter by appointments pro-tem, and generally do those things pertaining and common to the first officer as specified in Grand Chapter Law with particular reference to Articles 235 and 236 thereof."

SECTION 4. In case of absence, death or disability of the Most Excellent High Priest, his duties shall devolve upon the Excellent King, and in his absence by the Excellent Scribe; and in case all of the first three officers are absent at a Stated Convocation, the last Past High Priest of this Chapter present, being still a member, may open, and preside therein, or may request any Past High Priest to do so.

SECTION S. The Most Excellent High Priest, Excellent King and Excellent Scribe shall be a Standing Committee whose duty it shall be to take care that the funds are regularly accounted for and disposed of for the benefit of the Chapter; to see that the Secretary makes his returns to the Grand Chapter and transmits all dues in season; and also in case of appeal for aid from a Companion in distress, or other object of charity, they shall inform themselves of the merit of the case and may draw any sum not exceeding twenty five dollars ($25.00) for the relief of such, and report the same to the Chapter at the next Stated Convocation. They shall dispense the charities of the Chapter in such manner as the members, by vote shall direct.

SECTION 6. The Most Excellent High Priest shall at the time of his installation, or as soon as practicable, appoint a Finance Committee consisting of three qualified members, who shall annually, examine and audit the books, accounts and reports of the Treasurer and Secretary and shall make a detailed report to the Chapter on the state of their accounts. The annual audit shall be made as soon as practicable and a report shall be submitted to the Chapter at a Stated Convocation not later than October first following.

SECTION 7. The Treasurer shall hold all obligations which are the property of the Chapter, and collect the same when directed by the Most Excellent High Priest, the Standing Committee or the Chapter; hold all deeds and other evidence of ownership of property of the Chapter; receive all monies from the Secretary, giving his receipt therefor keeping a correct account of the same, to be exhibited to the Chapter when directed; pay all demands against the Chapter when signed by the High Priest and countersigned by the Secretary, or when consistent with the laws; and report the state of the funds at a Stated Convocation next succeeding the 24 day of June each year and more often if required by the Chapter or the Most Excellent High Priest.

SECTION 8. The Secretary shall keep all books, papers, the seal and all like property of the Chapter; keep a full, correct and regular record of all things proper to be written; keep all accounts of the Chapter with each member and others; receive all monies due the Chapter, and pay over the same to the Treasurer, taking his receipt therefor; keep a record of all delinquencies, suspensions, expulsions and rejections; and report the state of his accounts and the amount due from each member at the last stated Convocation before the 24th. day of June. He shall, prior to the 1st day of August, transmit to the Grand Chapter a return of the officers elected, appointed and installed, together with such information and data as may be called for in the forms furnished by the Grand Secretary, and also transmit with said returns all money due from this Chapter to the Grand Chapter. He shall see that there is sufficient supply of all forms, stationary and office supplies as needed by the Chapter. As compensation for his services he shall receive the sum of seventy five dollars ($75.00) per month. top

Of Degrees, Candidates and Membership

SECTION 1. The degrees conferred in this Chapter shall be only those authorized by the Grand Royal Arch Chapter of Texas.

SECTION 2. A Master Mason in good standing and of sufficient attainment in the first three degrees, residing in the State of Texas, who may wish to receive the degrees as conferred in this Chapter shall make his desire known by a petition in writing, which shall be recommended by two members and duly presented at a stated Convocation, or at a Special Convocation, called for the purpose. Every petition shall be accompanied by the fees, otherwise it shall not be considered duly presented.

SECTION 3. If the candidate be unanimously elected, he shall be advanced, passed, received and exalted as soon as may be convenient under the regulations governing the conferring of the several degrees.

SECTION 4. All candidates who may be exalted in this Chapter shall be deemed members thereof unless the degrees are conferred upon the request of some other Chapter of Royal Arch Masons.

SECTION 5. Any Royal Arch Mason applying for affiliation in this Chapter shall present his petition in writing, accompanied by a demit or certificate in lieu thereof, and recommended by two members of the Chapter, at a stated Convocation or a Called Convocation by unanimous consent of all members present and otherwise comply with Grand Chapter law.

SECTION 6. The ballot for candidates for degrees or for affiliation shall be taken in the Chapter and in no case shall any candidate for degrees or affiliation be declared elected unless there be as many as five ballots cast on the application. top

Of Fees and Dues

SECTION 1. The fees for the Capitular Degrees shall be $50.00, which sum shall accompany the petition. The fee, or any part thereof, cannot be remitted or donated either directly or indirectly, by vote of the Chapter. See Grand Chapter Law, Article 261. The local Council Royal and Select Masters fee is $25.00, and shall accompany the Chapter and Council petitions. No fee shall be charged for affiliation.

SECTION 2. The annual dues payable shall be twelve ($12.00) dollars and payable annually, in advance, unless otherwise ordered by vote of the Chapter.

SECTION 3. Reinstated members shall pay dues owing at the time of suspension, and from date of reinstatement in the Chapter.

SECTION 4. Any Companion who has been elected and served his full term as Most Excellent High Priest of this Chapter, shall at the termination of his office be issued a certificate of Life Membership, provided all his dues are paid. top

Of Suspension and Expulsion

SECTION 1. Any member of the Chapter who shall allow his dues to remain unpaid by the twenty fourth of June, of the year for which the dues are due, may be proceeded against in accordance with the Laws of the Grand Royal Arch Chapter of Texas, Article 251.

SECTION 2. Any Royal Arch Mason, or member of any other Chapter Degree, within the jurisdiction of this Chapter, who shall conduct himself in an immoral, un-Masonic manner, or be guilty of any ignominious crime, shall be amenable to the Chapter for punishment thereof, and shall be proceeded against in accordance with the Laws of the Grand Royal Arch Chapter of Texas..

SECTION 3. It is the duty of the Captain of the Host, or, in the case of his refusal to act, of any member, either on his own motion or by the request of the Most Excellent High Priest, to prefer charges. top

Of General Provisions

SECTION 1. Reports of committees, when not otherwise ordered, shall be made in writing and signed by at least a majority of the committee, and all resolutions presented to the Chapter for action shall be in writing but motions may be made orally from the floor during meetings.

SECTION 2. Each retiring High Priest shall be presented with a Past High Priest jewel, to be selected and purchased by a Standing Committee consisting of the Excellent King, Excellent Scribe, the Secretary, and the Treasurer, of an emblem of his choice and the cost to be agreed upon by the Chapter. He shall also be presented with a Past High Priest Apron. top

Of Amendments of By-Laws

SECTION 1. These By-Laws may be changed or amended by resolution, in writing, presented at a Stated Convocation, and seconded, then laid over until the next Stated Convocation, or longer, if necessary, when, if approved by two thirds of the members present, it shall become a part of these By-Laws subject to their being first approved by the Grand Chapter except only as otherwise provided by Grand Chapter Law.

Gerald F. Nowotny
April, 1993